Toddlers Take to Swimming, Learn Survival Skills

Swimming is not only a life skill fundamental to a child’s development and an essential safety skill, but learning to swim is a defining experience in a child’s life that creates a sense of pride and accomplishment, we hope to provide more children with the best possible swim lessons.

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You Build on Failure, You Use It as A Stepping Stone

Today’s youth wake up to a world of rejection, pressure, sex, drugs, violence and hate. The repercussions of this type of environment include depression, alcohol and drug abuse, teen pregnancy, hopelessness and suicide. These are our kids, our future, and they need our help.

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Lost Sailors Were Adventurous and Experienced

When a sailboat is moving through the water with a perfectly balanced helm, and all of the parts of the elements of the boat’s design are doing what they are supposed to be doing there is a feeling of balance — it’s a powerful and visceral thing to experience.

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