Fashion Items to Have in Your Closet

Everyone has those few things in their closet they wear all the time. Mix and match these staple items to create a wardrobe that turns weather into a chance to show off your fashion abilities. There’s nothing worse than having to cover up your planned outfit because the weather won’t cooperate.

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Lost Sailors Were Adventurous and Experienced

When a sailboat is moving through the water with a perfectly balanced helm, and all of the parts of the elements of the boat’s design are doing what they are supposed to be doing there is a feeling of balance — it’s a powerful and visceral thing to experience.

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She is Looks Gorgeous in Flowery Dress

A floral maxi in particular is pretty good morning motivation in and of itself the one-and-done appeal is just too good to pass up. That said, there are moments when the feminine frock needs a little extra oomph, which is exactly why we’re making it the focus of this week’s Style Resolutions

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